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About Ed’s Duct and Furnace Cleaning Company

Ed’s Duct Cleaning is located in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). For about a decade, the duct cleaning Company has been a great help in this community in ensuring that indoor cleaning is accomplishes in accordance to the required standards. We have grown from a simple and small beginning. We have replaced the conventional cleaning methods with modern pneumatic cleaning systems.

Our team is a unit of professionals, who meet the required criteria of working in Canada in the line of duct and furnace cleaning. Our employees are dedicated people who work extra hard to deliver quality services as per the client’s specifications. We ensure that our clients get the anticipated satisfaction in terms of air purification.

Since maintenance is a crucial procedure to our clients, we are open to every home fitted with HVAC equipment and other components -designed for home air purification. With our power cleaning system, we are able to deliver high- end cleaning services at all reasonable times. Our aim has always been to be consistent in providing duct and furnace cleaning services. Our long term dedication to quality is a guarantee of excellent results.

The company aims to prevent the accumulation of dust particles and other microscopic elements which might block or lead to the contamination of the internal environment. These allergens are the cause of some of the respiratory disorders that need to be controlled. We have stretched our services accommodate residential, commercial and industrial needs. Therefore, whichever system you are using to regulate your home temperature and clean the air flow, we have you covered.

As you revitalize your home through carpet, furnace and duct cleaning, we make your home accommodation friendly to family and friends who have allergies and breathing disorders like asthma. We also consider the environment when applying our services. Our methods of cleaning are so far the safest and most effective in removing dust and debris.

Since the company does not believe in compromising on cleaning standards, it ensures that there is no risk of damaging internal components. Ed’s Duct and furnace Cleaning Services first conduct an overall inspection of your property to determine the bulk of the project- every home is unique. Our prices are relative and affordable but we put the interest of our client’s interest first.

Why choose Us?

Our services will guarantee increased performance and Reduce health issues by providing a good flow of fresh air. Apart from issuing a warranty, we occasionally suggest several changes such as repairs and replacements to increase the efficiency of your home heating and cooling system. Our team of professionals have been working in the field for years and have the knowledge required to do the job efficiently and effectively. They are friendly and courteous with the goal of customer satisfaction in mind.