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A substantial visible growth in pollutants and contaminants in air ducts should prompt someone to seek cleaning services. To prevent the risk of damaging the components in your systems, it is recommended that a professional should handle this process with great skill. Ed’s Duct Cleaning is committed to provide relevant furnace and duct cleaning services. We specialize in kitchen exhaust duct cleaning, Dryer vent duct cleaning and HVAC system cleaning- we are not limited. Part of our services is to save you energy and maintenance costs. You can test our competence and reliability, but it is not necessary since we always put our customer’s best interest first.

Furnace and Duct Cleaning 

If you are have installed an HVAC system in your home, then there no doubt that its components such as fans, air handler, grilles, motors, registers, coils, and housings would require a thorough cleaning. To clean the intake, supply, and return ducts of your system you will require state- of- the- art vacuums and blowers. In as much as we would like to improve on safety and performance of our services, we have invested on up to date modern equipment to feel this gap of need.

Your heating and cooling systems or ductwork may need to be cleaned if you are remodeling your house, get rid of dangerous dust or debris and free up sealed off ducts. These HVAC systems are a common hub of contaminates, microscopic animals and mold which grow under the conducive conditions developed by the presence of moisture and access to the external environment.

High pressure is one of the best mechanisms currently being used by other service providers to ensure that quality air flows inside your house by sucking out foreign particles and organisms. This will save on repair costs especially when the machine becomes faulty due to blockage. We will help you in taking care of your dryer vents which allow energy and power losses -if they remain unattended.

Air Conditioning Duct Work

It is a big problem to a household if it collects 40 pounds of dirt, dust, and allergens when left unattended. The simple connection between the external environment and the internal environment through the Air Conditioning Duct Work is a key passage to these contaminants.

To maintain the flow of quality air in your home, we take the responsibility of cleaning every part of your ventilation system. Some parts are delicate, so a professional touch would be necessary for the best of your investment and future consideration of a better and healthy lifestyles. This prevents you from developing dust and particle allergies that may lead to disorders such as asthma.

Kitchen Exhausts

Commercial properties with busy kitchens may benefit from our duct cleaning services. The difference in temperatures between the kitchen air and the external air encourages the formation of solid substances of the kitchen exhausts. It is equally important to get your kitchen exhausts in homes and apartments cleaned professionally.

Before the grease laden vapors reach the duct work and fan, they pass through the hood and filters. Accessing these intricate areas of the ventilation system requires skill and knowledge. It is recommended that kitchen exhaust system maintenance or cleaning should be performed by a professional. since Ed’s Duct Cleaning specialists are familiar with the Canadian kitchen standards, we always guarantee all our customers a healthy and safe kitchen.

Laundry/ Dryer Vent Cleaning

The dryer duct contributes a lot to energy loss and high expenses whenever it gets clogged, as a result of the prevention of moisture from freely moving outside. To increase efficiency and reduce the high cost of bills, it is advisable to seek help from professionals. Ed’s Duct Cleaning will also ensure that no amount of carbon monoxide enters your home.

Ed’s Duct Cleaning procedure of this equipment starts with the separation of the dryer and the vents. After separation, our skilled technicians will brush and vacuum clean the components. Other special methods such as high- pressure air can be applied to clear the surfaces.

Bathroom Exhausts

As a general hygiene rule, Bathroom exhaust vents, air duct or fans ought to be cleaned regularly. If moisture is not kept away, then mildew and mold will grow tremendously. A lot of particles circulate are suspended in the air in the room. We will help you unplugging and unscrewing the ventilation system and brush off the visible particles or dust.